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    National Corn on the Cob Day

    Happy #MealPrepMonday! Today, June 11th, is National Corn on the Cob day! Who doesn’t like this delicious summer staple? One of the best ways to cook your corn on the cob is on the grill. But don’t forget to add your seasonings! Try these amazing seasonings for the ultimate corn on the cob! • Cajun • Garlic Parmesan • Chili Lime • Pesto • Ranch • Taco Seasoning • Curry Seasoning • Jamaican Jerk • BBQ Let us know in the comments below how you like your corn on the cob! Visit GOLO.com to access all the health, wellness & weight loss tools GOLO has to offer! 1-800-730-GOLO(4656) support@golo.com This…

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